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Choose from a range of digital clocks with displays such as LCD, backlit LCD, indoor and outdoor LED, or elliptical models with similtaneous date display.

Employee Engagement

Boost Employee Engagement through a Bodet Time and Attendance Solution

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Bodet can assist with your Employee Engagement Strategy and Staff Motivation through our Time and Attendance Systems.

How Bodet can help your organisation

Enables Flexible Working

Unsure about offering your employees flexible working? Our Time and Attendance Software allows you to commit to flexible working hours without having to put strain on your HR department.

Supports Well-Being

Commit to a well-being policy with our Absence Management Software Module, which will monitor attendance in real time and calculate absence patterns so staff can be supported and avoid long term sickness.

Enable staff to participate in the absence management process by creating their own absence requests, as well as being able to view their own personal time and attendance data. This reduces HR administration whilst losing none of the control, since any leave requests still have to be authorised.

Employee Self Service

Increases Communication

The Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal offers a unique communications capability, allowing global bulletins or personal messages to be viewed on the terminal screen. Keep your staff up-to-date with company news and events, all without the need for additional hardware such as smartphones or PCs.

Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal

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The new Kelio Visio X7 is a smart terminal capable of offering increased functionality alongside traditional clocking in to further your Staff Engagement Strategy and Employee Motivation.

It's range of applications allow increased communication possibilities as well as allowing employees to create leave requests and view their attendance. It can offer proximity and biometric clockings. But it's much more than just a new clocking terminal - it's the future of human resources.

See the Staff Engagement benefits
of our Time & Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance terminals  help feed into organisational integrity, another engagement factor. This is where stated organisational values are clearly observed being adhered to across all levels of the workforce, i.e. management and staff alike complying with timekeeping.

Promotes Fairness