"Before using Bodet’s solution classes either started too late or too early. But since we installed the class change system, classes always start and finish on time."

Dan Copp
IT Manager
Bath Community Academy




Cecilia Irons
School Business Manager
Farnham Green Primary School

"We are able to address pupils that are persistently late, playtime and lunchtime run more smoothly. Bodet's system is such an integral part of our school life now that we would be lost without it."



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Secure Your Pupils & Staff - School Lockdown System

Choose Our Emergency Broadcast System To Broadcast An Alert To Your Whole School

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With over 35,000 customers worldwide...

...and all software/hardware designed & manufactured in-house...

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Bodet: The European Leader of Time Management Solutions

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Bodet: The European Leader of Time Management Solutions

With over 35,000 customers worldwide...

...and all software/hardware designed & manufactured in-house...

...that's the Bodet assurance.

Broadcast a warning or panic alarm school alert through Bodet's Lockdown Alert System, operating on your existing IT network using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

A growing number of schools in the UK have been exposed to major incidents or threats of violence on their premises. Due to the random nature of these events, there is little schools can do to prevent them. 

However, by having clear and effective communication systems installed alongside robust lockdown and evacuation procedures, schools can be certain they are doing all they can to ensure the safety of staff and students.

Is Your School Ready for Lockdown?

Incident or disturbance in the local community.

Intruder on school site with potential to pose a risk.

Warning of air pollution.

Major fire in the vicinity of the school.

Dangerous dog roaming loose.

Events which could trigger a full or partial lockdown:

Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System offers a unique customisable emergency alert, differentiated from other broadcast alerts such as evacuations, fire alarms or daily events.

This allows clear communication, improving the safety of both pupils and staff.

Each school has different needs and priorities. Our skill is in devising and installing School Alert, Class Change and Synchronised Clock Solutions that match both requirements and budget.

Benefits of Bodet's Lockdown Alert System

Benefits include:

Broadcast a unique lockdown alert, separate to fire alarm, class change and other emergency situations.

Prevents incorrect response to emergency situations, such as pupils streaming out  onto a playground and gathering at assembly points if an intruder is on the premises.

Four button control panel can broadcast school wide lockdown emergency alert at the press of a button, alongside evacuation, wet break and panic alarm for receptionists

Bodet's Lockdown Alert can be part of a 5-in-1 Sounder System which also includes Class Change, PA and music streaming functionality, with the ability to  add Synchronised Clocks.

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